How We Support Churches

LEADERS for Life Voyage to Greatness is appropriate to use in churches and children’s groups. The starter kit ($300) includes the same materials as the school kit or items may be bought individually. A supplemental piece, "Master of the Seas" with scripture to accompany the principles is available upon request. 

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How We Support Parents

Are you looking for books that are meaningful to read with your children? You will find the books in the S. S. LEADER Ship series to be a great addition to your child’s home library. The books emphasize character building and life skills. Activities at the end of each book will give your child practical ways to put the principles into action in their own lives. There are several books in the series available now and more on the way. 

An Open Letter to Parents: 

Dear Parent or Guardian, 

The world is constantly changing. Preparing our children for a world we have never seen is an awesome task. Amid all the changes, there are timeless, universal principles that remain constant and transcend all cultural and socio-economic boundaries. Parents, teachers and the business community agree that there are specific skills and traits that children need in order to be successful. These include honesty, empathy, teamwork, problem-solving, decision-making, creativity, initiative, self-confidence, planning and goal-setting skills.

I would like to introduce you to a program that will empower your child to become a true leader. The program is called “LEADERS for Life…Voyage to Greatness” and is part of a cutting-edge leadership program developed for elementary students. It is our goal to find the unique gifts and talents of each child and provide positive encouragement while allowing students to develop their own leadership skills. The program is not another curriculum, but a part of all that is done in the school day. It is designed to help every child develop skills and character traits that will empower them to be leaders throughout their lives. We are convinced that children must experience greatness in order to aspire to it. 

Your child will soon embark on a wonderful voyage to greatness! We invite you to climb aboard the S. S. Leader Ship and set sail with us! 

Welcome Aboard! 

Sheena Newman