Overview of the Program

LEADERS for Life is based upon the eight Principles for Sailing and is focused on building leaders in the present in preparation for the future.  The program provides common goals and allows children to take ownership of their education. Students participate in leadership experiences in their classrooms and schools.  Through the use of Leader Ship Logs/data notebooks, students write mission statements, set goals and track their own progress.  Students learn to communicate their progress through participating in student-led conferences. 

This program is designed to provide students with a rigorous academic program combined with character development and life skills needed to succeed in the 21st century.  By allowing students to take part in decisions involving their education, they are empowered to develop their own special gifts and talents and reach their full potential.  High school graduation is expected, and teachers begin conversations with students from day one about college and career paths.  Students are encouraged to find their passion through exploring the many career options available and developing skills and expertise in their area. Teachers provide positive encouragement and support to students as they embark on their personal journey to greatness!

How We Support Schools

Website Membership – Access ideas on ways to implement the leadership initiative as they are posted by teachers across the nation. This includes access to videos and forms for data .

Webinars – Webinars are offered to schools that have subscribed to the leadership initiative and are implementing the program school-wide. 

Individual Training – Available for schools that have purchased the program and are implementing this initiative on a school-wide basis. Be sure to schedule sessions in advance to be certain LEADERS for Life staff is available.

How We Support Teachers

Materials and Resources

The Leaders for Life...Voyage to Greatness programs always include resources to help teachers guide their classes through their Voyage to Greatness.


The S. S. Leader Ship Series - Elementary

Each book of our elementary series includes leadership principles and activities to help students begin their own personal Voyage to Greatness. The S. S. Leader Ship is a floating school where students are able to learn about leadership and put their skills to the test. Meet the Captain, his crew, and the characters who are part of the leadership series. There are more on the way! 



Postcards are perfect for students to invite their parents to student-led conferences or other leadership activities. Teachers address a postcard to each child at the beginning of the year and send them to four or five students each week telling something good about the students. The postcards can also be tucked in students’ take home folders or in book bags with encouraging notes to students and parents


"Eight Principles of Sailing" Posters

Individual posters illustrating each of the “Eight Principles of Sailing.” One poster has all eight principles.

Leadership Certificates
(11’x 8.5” with 25 in a package) 

 Certificates to recognize student leaders in each classroom once a month, for Awards Days, or at the end of the schools year.


(25 in a package)

Brochures explain the LEADERS for Life mission and initiative to parents, guests, business and church partners.


Principles for Sailing Activities Guide
(Grades 3-5) 

Explains what each of the” Eight Principles for Sailing” means and includes activities that teachers can use with the entire class or that can be placed in Learning Stations (Centers) for students to work on individually or in groups


S. S. Leader Ship Cards

These cards are the perfect reward for students who model good character or put the "Principles for Sailing"into practice.  The cards are perfect for trading card sleeves or to display on a key chain or lanyard. Students will love to collect and display their cards.


There is a supplemental piece available upon request for Christian Schools called "MASTER of the Seas."  This piece includes scripture references for the leadership principles and supporting books.