Product Item Number Unit Price
Activity Guides ACT2015 $25.00
Indigo Crow finds Her Sea Legs (Book) BKINDIGO2015 $15.00
Joy the Crab Learns to Sing BKJOY $15.00
Ollie Octopus Shows Up BKOLLIE $15.00
Snickers Takes A Leap Of Faith BKSNICKERS $15.00
Sophie Starfish Gets the Point BKSOPHIE $15.00
Brochures BROC2015 $7.50
Character Cards with Eight Principles CCPRINCIPLES $10.00
Character Cards with Character Words CCWORDS $10.00
Certificates CERT2015 $7.50
Anchor Postcards PCANC2015 $10.00
Life Ring Postcards PCLR2015 $10.00
Package: Counselor`s Bundle ($200 Value) PKGCOUN $185.00
Package: Five S.S. Leader Ship Books ($75 Value) PKGSSLB $65.00
Poster: Eight Principles (Large) POSTERLARGE $10.00
Treasure Map with Principles POSTERMAP $7.00
Poster: Journey to Greatness (Middle School) POSTERMS $10.00
Poster Set: Eight principles POSTERSET8P $30.00